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  • Updated: December 12, 2012
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Newly expanded plugin that adds overall stats about your site, 5 most recent listings, 5 most recent events and any outstanding listing claims to your dashboard. It shows you active & pending places & events, as well as reviews.

NOTE: This plugin now (since version 0.2) will “Phone home” to check for automatic updates like all WordPress plugins. No information about your site is stored and only essential information is transmitted.

Need more or different stats? Send me your requests and I’ll attempt to integrate them as soon as possible. All future upgrades will be free.

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6 Responses to GT-Dashboard

  1. Buyer
    dhan says:

    Installed and activated but the GeoTheme Stats dashboard says “GeoTheme not detected. It is recommended you disable the GeoTheme Dashboard plugin.” No stats at all.
    WP 3.3.2. GT 3.0.7rc_1.
    Advise how to fix.

    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      Hi Dhan: Cen you send me a link to your site at There’s likely a problem detecting your theme or child theme. I’m happy to resolve this for you.

      EDIT: This was resolved. Dhan had renamed the GeoTheme folder so it wasn’t being found.

  2. Buyer
    maroon says:

    Hello Jeff,
    I am getting the following error on my website:
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function get_plugins() in /home/hasslefr/public_html/www/events/wp-content/plugins/gt-dashboard/plugin-update-checker.php on line 167
    I purchased this product inside a BUNDLE & not sure how to get the latest version.

  3. Buyer
    mrev says:


    I just purchased this plug in…looks good..

    Will you be updating the plug in to include payment info or site analytics?



    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      Joel – Thanks for the purchase.

      I’ve put this (and other plugins) on hold a bit pending the release of GeoTheme version 4. I don’t want to do a bunch of work and find out it’s wasted when everything changes.

      Payment info I understand as a useful bit of information, but what analytics info? There are so many source – JetPack, Google, StatCounter etc. If you can be more specific, I’ll take a look at the options.

    • Buyer
      mrev says:

      Let me check the ones you mention maybe they already have the solution I need…thanks

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