IFY GeoTheme Exporter

  • Type: Autoinstalling
  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Time to apply: Less than 5 min
  • Version:1.1
  • Updated: December 11, 2013
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V1.1 New Exporter: Full user list of names, emails and assigned role.
V1.1 Bug fix: WordPress changed a database feature, i’ve now fixed the plugin.
V1.0 New Exporters: Place contacts and FULL place details
V0.3 NEW FEATURE: Export lists of users who have favorited a specific location.

An exporter for GeoTheme sites. Allows exporting as CSV file of registered user emails, place or event emails or addresses.

As with all my plugins, this includes auto-update functionality and pings back to my server for the update. No site or personal information is transmitted.

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39 Responses to IFY GeoTheme Exporter

  1. Buyer
    phyve says:

    Causes bug where, any uploading or deleting in other areas of the site result in a “are you sure you want to do that”.

    Had to disable the plugin in order for the rest to admin to work properly.

  2. Buyer
    infoseek says:

    jeff, is this working OK ?

  3. Buyer
    zenstrategist says:

    Hi, Jeff.

    Your plugin look just what I’m looking for – but I note the two previous comments haven’t had a reply yet. Is this plugin fixed yet?

    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      Yes, most support requests I deal with elsewhere and haven’t updated this. Several people have bought this plugin and it has worked well for them.

      I also support my plugins 100%. If it’s not working as advertised, or you have an awesome suggestion, I’ll make it right!

  4. Buyer
    zenstrategist says:

    That’s great, Jeff. I didn’t know you’d fixed it as I was sent here by the GeoTheme guys!

    I’ll download your plug-in and test.

    Thanks for coming back so fast – refreshing to hear your comments.

  5. Buyer
    paulconrad says:

    Hey Jeff. Can you configure this plugin to export all the data for each place so it can be viewed in an excel file? (name, address, contact info, email, website, twitter, facebook, ect . . .)

    • Buyer
      paulconrad says:

      What I really need it to do is Export a CSV file with the name of the Place, the address, contact information and email. Can it be made to do this? One option has the name and address, the other has name and email, but none of the options include phone number and each is limited to just two useful elements.

    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      Sure, I can do this, and your comment below. The features as they exist were built to the request of the original … requester(?) and suited their needs.

      Expect an update shortly.

    • Buyer
      paulconrad says:

      Alright! Thanks Jeff, and thanks for the quick reply!

  6. Buyer
    myblacktresses says:

    HI, WP is tell ing me there is an update to version 1.0 but when I try to update it says, “Failed.” Can you help me please?

  7. Buyer
    myblacktresses says:

    I wanted to subscribe to see my answer.

  8. Buyer
    myblacktresses says:

    Hi. I’m having issues. I have over 3400 listings but only 2000 download when I do download place. Please let me know if you can provide some assistance.

  9. Buyer
    vikz27 says:

    I am having the same problem as myblacktresses, i try to download over 3000 places and I just get a white loading page instead of the CSV. I have tried it in Safari and Firefox with the same results

  10. Buyer
    mrmehdi says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I just downloaded the app and it has downloaded all place emails perfectly. Can you suggest a way that I can copy the entire row of emails in the spreadsheet, and paste them into an email address box with a coma in between each email. Is there a way to do that?

    Thank you in advance.


    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      Hi Mehdi, thanks for the comments.

      On a Mac you can use “TextEdit” and on Windows I used EditPad Plus (?) as both allow you to search & replace the carriage return / new line.

      So I drop the column of emails into the editor and then replace the carriage return with a comma and a space.

      It’d make a good addition to the export.

  11. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    just downloaded this to export user names and it says I didn’t buy when I click the confirmed link. Thanks!

  12. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Strange…just started working once I messaged. Sorry

  13. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Okay, so I must be missing something. How do I chose to download the “USER” list? I am sorry, but I’ve never done this and very confused as I see the other options.


    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      I’m not sure what you’re looking for. There is no straight up “user” output.

      You can export Owner emails – Which is a list of listing owners or Event owners

      You can export registered users who FAVORITED a place.

      A generic list of “users” could be done with a simple SQL query or other plugins that are generic, so I didn’t include that functionality.

  14. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    I apologize…It says this

    “Allows exporting as CSV file of registered user emails, place or event emails or addresses.”

    I assumed that read that I can export the CSV file of registered user emails. I am looking to import my updated ENTIRE list to mailchimp. Thanks!

    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      You’re right. It does say that, and imply that. It’s an easy add. I’ll put it in today.

      As for importing to MailChimp – unless you asked for those users permission to email them when they registered, MailChimp could see it as a violation of their TOS. Just a word of caution.

    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      Version 1.1 is now available in the auto-update and should be downloadable here too.

      Let me know if it does what you need.

  15. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Thanks Jeff, you really are a huge help to those of us less techy! I have to run out right now anyway so I’ll watch for the update. Also, thanks for the “heads” up. I will make sure to watch that. Luckily we have a “cult” following so hopefully it won’t be “spam” to anyone. Fingers crossed as I have 10,000 users to start messaging ASAP! YOU ROCK!

  16. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I am having issues getting the entire signup list downloaded. Any suggestions? THANKS!

    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      You’re going to have to give me something to work with. I tested this and it was working, but that was a simple test.

      Can you tell me what happens?

  17. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Sorry, when I click download it starts to search for the files, then the screen stays white and it continues to search for a few more seconds and then it just stops running.


  18. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Hey Jeff,

    Let me know if you need more information. I am really trying to get this list out tomorrow so just waiting on an update. Appreciate your time and look forward to hearing back!


  19. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Hey Jef,

    I assumed there was something so no worries, I was just following up. Can you send me an email to send login info?


    • Verified Tailor
      jeffrose says:

      For anyone else following this – The problem here is the number of users who are ardent followers of Walk Your Dog Austin. I’m looking for a better/faster way to create the output in cases of a large number of records.

      We basically exhausted the memory on the server trying to pull the list. It’s just too popular!

  20. Buyer
    walkyourdogaustin says:

    Oh, I see the “ticket” my bad!

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